Chapter 1:

"Fuckin’ tits." Nick cursed as he leaned back against the dingy toilet in the cramped bathroom. He’d only managed to find a few cans of food in the run-down apartment they had ducked into. It was dark and after hearing some sobbing nearby Nick and Ellis had barricaded themselves in the only room with a door until morning. "Peas. I fuckin’ hate peas." 

"It ain’t so bad Nick. We’re safe and we got us some food, and a bit a light until mornin’." Ellis nudged a candle away from his foot and leaned against the wall and smiled brightly. He hesitated a bit before speaking again. "And we got each other…" 

"Oof, great, just what I need. Stuck in a stuffy ass room with a hick, a can of peas and chicken broth, what the hell can we do with broth!? At least there’s some kind of fruit." He picked up the peaches and stared at it with a look of disgust. Nick and the ever optimistic redneck let the silence stretch for a bit until the gambler slammed the can on the counter and looked up at Ellis with a grim look, "I’m about ready to give up, Overalls…" 

Ellis’ smile immediately faded and he looked down at the ground before speaking softly, “Don’tchu ever say that Nick. Don’tchu ever give up.” He shuffled his boots around and crossed his arms feeling himself struggling a bit inside. “I needja too damn much…” 

Nick’s eyes widened as he absorbed the heartfelt confession. He avoided the intense gaze being directed at himself. “El… I don’t know what you want from me… I’m not even sure I have anything to give at this point. After this whole thing blows over you can find yourself a nice southern blonde with big tits and settle down.” He felt an ache deep down and did his best to ignore it.

He started a bit as he noticed Ellis rush towards him and he quickly lifted his hands to push him back. The redneck blocked him, grasping his arm tightly and leaned forward into the gambler’s face. ”I ain’t gonna settle for no one, Nick. And yew ain’t gonna get ridda me that easy. Yer jus’ stuck with me till the end.”  He grabbed Nick’s shoulder and started closing the gap between them. 

Nick gasped and whispered as he brushed up against Ellis’ soft lips “I guess I can live with that, Overalls…” 

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Watch The Artist Kousyuuya Paint a Dragon’s Body in One Masterful Stroke 

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Wacth the videos after the text:

Dragons are considered to be similar to guardian angels. They are talismans against evil and bring good luck. For ages they have adorn Shinto shrines and temples.

Pictures of dragons are also believed to bring good luck, good fortune and family security.

The artists at Kousyuuya only create dragon art, but as you can see, they do it very, very well. Every work is personalized and painted right in front of the customer, who chooses the design, color, and kanji of the characters.

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What is this sorcery?!

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